Genio 3000

Note: This post has been recovered and translated from my old blog from 2009.

Genio 3000 (by Vtech) was my first computer, as far as I remember. Computer to call it somehow, of course, because as you can see in the picture it looks more like an old GameBoy. However, I have no qualms in recognizing that this was my first approach to computing, because this Genio 3000 was able to run programs made in BASIC, and with this I made my first program.

vtech genio 3000

At that time I did not know what I was going to do in the future, and I did not give it importance, but one day I rescued it from my memory and I even remembered that the first program I made consisted in showing you the multiplication table of any number. It was probably my father’s fault that I chose a mathematical program as my first program, what can I do?

From that moment on, the computer equipment did not stop increasing at home. To begin with, I managed to connect an Epson printer to the Genio 3000, and after modding the output ports a bit, I was able to print texts using the Genio 3000. Later I would have a real PC to connect the printer to.

Soon I will talk about the PC I have now, if I can find the time, which is complicated lately. Anyway, I hope to be able to start talking about what I really want to talk about; about program ideas and programming in general. These posts are to set the mood a bit.

Note: After writing this first post in 2009, I didn’t write any more relevant posts until 15 years later in 2024. 😆

Published on Feb 25, 2009.